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About Gradeway

What We Offer

Gradeway offers tools and services (almost all of which are completely free of charge) to Students, Parents, and Teachers. By providing a wide variety of Tutorials and Educational games that help to improve student skills - Gradeway allows students to solidify their understanding in various subjects and topics, or to take their already advanced skills to a higher level not offered in their education situation.

Educators are able to use the Gradeway Teacher's Suite to provide a central location for their Gradebook, Lesson Planning, Attendance Records, and more for multiple classes. We've introduced Message Boards to give further interaction between students, parents, and peers from across the nation.

In short, the products and services we offer are intended to assist the education process, communications, stimulate interests, and lend a helping hand to students may struggle in a certain subject, or a particular lesson topic.

Our Goal
By providing a bridge to link education at school and home, our goal is to make Education a fun part of life instead of a dreaded duty that
occurs Monday through Friday. We are also working towards building and strengthening skills that we often hear are floundering.

On that note, you may wonder how we choose the Tutorials and Education Games for It's simple - we our making the subjects and lessons that are difficult or disliked by students, and turning them into fun events where they want to learn!

We hope by providing these services that our students will continue to build on the strengths they have been given and will help to form not only their future, but the future for all of us, too!

History of Gradeway
Gradeway is a small company based in the "extended Pacific Northwest" as we like to call it, created with a purpose of using technology to create a interactive and entertaining method of education. (Yes, we believe Education should be interactive and can be entertaining.) Simply put, we feel that if a students wants to learn something, they will seek it out and learn it to great depths. Similarly, if a topic doesn't interest a student, they tend to brush it off as unimportant. We've created (and continue to create) products and services that addresses both of these realms.

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