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Active Message Boards

Casual Chat
A general, all purpose message board to chat about anything on your mind.

Elementary School
Talk to other elementary school students. Use this message board if you're in elementary school, and you want to ask a question about an assignment, get help with a class topic, or simply meet and talk to students like yourself!

Junior High School
Talk to other junior high school students. This message board is for students in junior high school to seek assistance from peers regarding any school and life topics that arise during your junior high years. Feel free to ask questions about assignments or for someone to review your work, or just talk about daily life.

Senior High School
Talk to other high school students. Discuss assignments and lessons from the large variety of high school classes. Assist and get assistance from your peers, as well as talk about the many issues that high school students face. Planning to enter the workforce or continue your education after high school? Talk about it here!

Gradeway Feedback
Something you love about Anything you hate? We'd love to hear about it all, good and bad! Post a new message here if you have any feedback for Gradeway, including questions, suggestions, tips, complaints, found a bug, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Registration is not required to create new messages here.


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