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Gradeway Online Name Form

Gradeway Online is a free service extended from and part of Gradeway Teacher's Suite and The below bullet points highlight possible concerns regarding privacy, data, and usage of Gradeway Online.

For additional resources, please see:
Privacy Policy:
Student and Parents, Getting Started:
Teacher's Getting Started:

When using Gradeway Online, all of the following apply:

* Gradeway Online is an opt-in service. Without providing a Student and/or Parent name, your teacher will not be able to send the classroom data online.

* Student and Parent personal data is never sent to This includes address, phone number, email address(es), etc. Your name is the only "identity" that is related to the classroom data (grades and attendance.) There is no way for any user of Gradeway Teacher's Suite to circumvent this.

* Your name is as anonymous as you make it. We do not require (not do we currently even gather) any personal information. To create a name, only your email address and zipcode are needed. (This is in case you have a question, problem, forget your password, etc.)

* does not share, rent, sell, or otherwise allow your email address to be viewed. We do not require you to "opt-in" or "opt-out" of any "special partner programs" (advertisements) at any time.

Since the use of the Class Message Board, viewing your grades and attendance, as well as private messages on all require a ID, please sign up for your free account at, and provide the IDs below.

Student ID: _________________________________

Parent ID: __________________________________


I understand the privacy and opt-in nature of Gradeway Online, and I would prefer not to be included. (Simply do not provide IDs. If you have specific reasons, please send email to or let your Teacher know so we can address your concerns.)



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