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The following questions and answers provide additional information regarding Gradeway Online, a collaboration between Gradeway Teacher's Suite and If you have additional questions, please email them to

Q. What is Gradeway Online?
A. Gradeway Online is the extension of Gradeway Teacher's Suite that allows Teacher's to post grades and attendance online directly from their Gradebook. Using Gradeway Online also provides the classroom with their own private message board, and the means for students, teachers, and parents to all stay in touch.

Q. Why is Gradeway Online free?
A. Gradeway Online, like Gradeway Teacher's Suite, is completely free for students, teachers, and parents. We feel these tools are necessary in any classroom environment in our current age of technology, and building in-house solutions or acquiring "off-the-shelf" solutions is simply not an option for thousands of education scenarios due to pricing or availability. We strive to provide the tools necessary for these situations.

Q. Is Gradeway Online really anonymous?
A. As far as you can get to anonymous online, yes. Students and Parents only need to sign up for a free account, which only requires an email address and zipcode. (If you do not want to use your main email address, you can sign up for a free one from,,, etc.) We never share your email address with anyone.

Q. Can a Teacher post my student's grades even without my permission?
A. No. A Teacher must assign a name to a student profile within Gradeway Teacher's Suite. If you do not provide a name, the student grades will not be sent to Gradeway Online. (Conversely, if a teacher enters a bogus name, the grades become associated to that name - and nothing about your student is ever associated to the grades.)

Q. As a [teacher/parent], I enjoy having a company that is providing these services for free, is there anything I can do to help?
A. Yes! If you find a few extra dollars, you could donate to our cause. If you have special knowledge in any area, you could write a tutorial or lesson for the Lesson and Tutorial Center. If you're a teacher, you could submit your Lesson Plans to the community. If you think you could provide anything else, just email us with your ideas!

Q. Is there anything else I should know?
A. We are constantly adding new features and revising existing ones. As this happens, we may update our policies to reflect new features or changes - please review these policies from time to time.

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