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Teacher's Suite

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Gradeway Teacher's Suite

The Gradeway Teacher's Suite combines a teacher's Gradebook, Lesson Planner, Ability to Generate Reports, Attendance Tracker, and more! The software is free of charge.

Download Now! Requirements

File: Gradeway22Setup.exe

Size: ~ 1.2 megabytes. (Approx. 3 megs installed; size may increase as additional students and classes are added.)

Additional: Help Files (also included with the download!)
Latest Version: 2.2 (December 14, 2007)

Click Here To Download!

Installation and Upgrade Instructions
(Instructions apply to all versions!)

Version History and Roadmap

Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/Table/Media/XP
with the free Microsoft .Net 2.0 or higher installed.

Processor: 90MhZ or faster
Memory: 32MB or more
Video: 800x600 or better (SVGA)

Please take the time to review the download and requirements on the right.

Contact if you have any problems downloading or installing, and we will determine the cause and get you up and running as soon as possible!

Gradeway Teacher's Suite version 2.x builds upon the tremendously successful Gradeway Teacher's Suite. Many new features are present, and you will find that other features, including Gradeway Online (the ability to display your grades to your students online) has been revisted to be more stable and robust.

Additionally, when you create classes and post them using Gradeway Online, each class you post gets its own individual online message forum!


The gradebook (displayed below) is a simple-to-use grid styled table for entering and calculating grades. Teachers enter grades in a points-earned/points-possible ratio for students and Gradeway takes care of the rest! Overall grades are displayed in both overall percentage as well as the overall points earned / points possible ratio. The gradebook can calculate grades based off subject (one grade per subject in the class), overall based on all assignments (all scores go towards one grade), and weighted grades (tests worth 50%, quizzes 30%, homework 10%, etc.)

A quick Day View of any Reminders you may have set, scheduled Lesson Plans for the day, and Gradeway Today (shown below.) Gradeway Today


Using the Attendance Tracker, you are able to save attendance entries for students for Absenses (Excused and Unexcused) and Tardies. You are also allowed to enter a short note for each attendance entry. Any days' attendance can be updated at any time, and the attendance is accumulated and displayed on Student Summaries and Reports.


Student reports can be generated at any time, giving complete up-to-the-minute status of the student's academic progress. These reports include the summary of attendance, overall grade, along with a chart displaying their progress of each graded assignment. In addition, a Class Summary Report can be created giving an overview of each student and their progress which is coupled with a chart displaying the number of students in various grading categories. (Graphics resized for display online.)

The above report can be printed with or without the color graphics.

Additionally, you may now customize and create reports - such as a Student Missed Class report, or Student Has Grade Less Than reports. These letter-reports can be customized by each teacher from within Gradeway Teacher's Suite.



Lesson Planner
Have a great Lesson Plan that you want to be saved so you can reuse - and tweak for future classes? Save them in Gradeway and use them for your next period class - or for next year! Make notes on a current Lesson Plan and print the plan with your notes for use in class, without making permanent changes to the saved Lesson Plan (unless you want to make the notes permanent, of course!)


Online Class
Using the Gradeway Teacher's Suite as your classroom Gradebook accomplishes many tasks, and allows for a more robust learning experience for your students, and more interaction with parents! The Gradeway Teacher's Suite allows you to post your student grades to their accounts - you can post the student grades to both a student account and parent account to keep everyone involved!

Further, using Gradeway Messages, you can send messages to students and parents, and stay up to date with other various offerings from Gradeway! All of these services are free of any charges, as long as your provide an internet connection!

New to Gradeway Teacher's Suite 2.0 is that each class that is updated online also has a private message board associated with it!

To see more about what Gradeway can do for your students and their parents, visit the Gradeway for Students summary, Gradeway for Parents summary - and even the Gradeway for Teachers summary!

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