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Gradeway and Parents

With Gradeway providing products and services (such as the free Gradeway Teacher's Suite) to Teachers, and providing a means for Students to obtain additional information, discuss assignments and topics with their peers, it is reasonable to wonder what Gradeway has to offer to Parents of Students! The most important item on Parents-WishList was to have the ability to see how their student is doing and a larger part of their education. Here at Gradeway, We've got you covered!

Gradeway and Parents

My Gradeway Online
Just like the Student version of MyGradeway, Parents are able to view a snapshot of all the student classes, presented in a 3D bar chart with accompanying text. Available free for any Student and Parent who has a teacher that uses the free Gradeway Teacher's Suite, his is the most up-to-date information for the student class. When viewing a class, each assignment is listed individually and is color-coded based on the percent score. For example, above 90% on an assignment (or in a class) will give a solid green color. Scores between 80 and 90% are a yellow-green color, while 70-80% is displayed in yellow, 60-70% in orange, and below 60% is red.

Please view "Getting Started: Gradeway Online for Students and Parents" for more information.

Additionally, the Parent can send a Gradeway Message to the Teacher of any class to inquire about anything, just as the Student is able to do! These Gradeway Messages provide a quick means of communicating with teachers that would otherwise have to be scheduled for a mutually available time between Teacher and Parent.

Gradeway Lessons and Tutorials
We realize that most Parents have to work, and the amount of work often takes time away from family time with Students. However, rather than focusing on only the negative aspects of the situation - we prefer to think of how any situation can be of benefit to Students (and Parents and Teachers!)

Given a class of 30 students, there are generally 30 or more parents that must work. The important thing is where you work! Are you software engineer? A biologist? Chemist? Manager? Retail Professional? Regardless of what you do, chances are you have knowledge that you could share! A software engineering could write a great tutorial for Computer Science for our Lesson and Tutorial Center, while a Retail Professional may write an equally important tutorial (that may reach more Students based on the information sought) of how to use Applied Mathematics! We encourage all Parents to think about contributing either a Lesson, Tutorial, or "Thought of Interest" on just about any topic!


Gradeway Message Boards
Keep in touch - and help other students! While we highly recommend that Parents monitor Students under 13 years of age on the Message Boards, we also feel there is significant value with just getting in contact with other parents and students! Interaction between parents and parents in addition to parents and students may help to understand what students are going through and shed light on the topics that hang on the mind of students.


Parents are always encouraged to take part in other areas of the site, such as Gradeway Today, the Gradeway Thoughts of Interest (available from the main site, and others!

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