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This Privacy Policy contains information regarding, Gradeway Teacher's Suite, and the interaction between the two. The Policy covers the information we collect, have access to, and what we do with the information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Gradeway Teacher's Suite
When using Gradeway Teacher's Suite, Teacher's have the ability to enter student names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information to identify their students. Furthermore, using the integrated Gradeway Online, teachers are able to Synchronize their classroom data (attendance and grades) with

When using Gradeway Online as part of Gradeway Teacher's Suite, absolutely none of this personal information is transferred to regarding the Teacher or the Student. All the grading and attendance information is linked to using only the name of the Student. Thus, if a student with a name of JoeGradewayUser is part of a class, that student's grades and attendance are sent to (along with their name) - at no point does name/address/contact information ever get sent to
When browsing, you will notice that there are several password-protected areas of the site. In order to gain entrance to these sections of the site, you must create a account to proceed. accounts are free.

As with any and all websites across the Internet, certain information is automatically recorded when you visit our pages - this includes your IP address (not email address), which web browser you're using, which Operating System you're using, and other similar information. We do not explicitly log any of this information, except in cases where our systems detect a possible security violation. For example, if you attempt to view a class or student grade you are not part of, and thus, should not have access to, our systems may log your attempt. This log enables us to track down potential people who are using the site for reasons other than intended.

When registering, we only ask for your email address and zipcode. The email address allows us to contact you if there is important news about Gradeway (a critical patch to our software, for example), to verify your account if you forget your password, and to ensure a unique account between all users. The zipcode used only to retrieve username and passwords if forgotten. We also use the zipcode to determine where is being used - this is for our own exclusive use, mostly because we find it very interesting.

Future Modifications
We are always working on new features to Gradeway Teacher's Suite and One such feature allows members to enter their "real name" in conjunction with their name. This will be completely optional, and will be used to aid teachers when viewing students on MyGradeway. Currently, only the name for each Student is listed for Teachers. Since we never want to put the privacy of one person into the hands of another (in this case, student/parent information in the hands of a teacher), Gradeway Teacher's Suite will not transmit the names of the Students/Parents to Linking your name with your real name and any other possibly identifying information is, and will continue to be, the decision of each member (Student, Teacher, Member)

Releasing Data
We will never release your data to anyone, without your prior consent. The only exception to this is with a court order. However, since we collect so little information, the information we have available at any given time is generally whether or not you logged in on a particular day.

We do not sell, rent, lease, your information or make you "opt-out" of any mailing lists.

Changes to this Policy
This Privacy Policy may change over time as new features and services are added to Gradeway products. Please review this policy from time to time to be aware of any changes that have been made.

Last updated: August 30, 2006

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