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Students and Parents:

You can use most of the features and services available on even if your teacher has elected not to use the free Gradeway Teacher's Suite. When your teacher does begin using Gradeway Teacher's Suite, this page outlines the processes involved, as well as how Gradeway works to ensure your privacy is never compromised! (You may read the Teacher's Getting Started page here.)

Once your Teacher's has started using Gradeway Teacher's Suite, your personal information may be entered into the software. This information may include contact information, full name, and other information as shown below.

This information contained within Gradeway Teacher's Suite will never be sent to, whether your Teacher decides to use the Gradeway Online feature or not. (The exception is the name, which is your user ID.)

All student (and parent) data is kept within the Software for only the use of the Teacher. There is no way for any user of Gradeway Teacher's Suite to send personal data to

When you sign up for a free account, you are asked only for your requested name, email address, and zip code. All other information must be entered after your account has been created and is not required, ever.

After signing up for a account, simply give your Teacher your account name (or one for the student, one for the parent), and after this information is entered into the Software, your grades and attendance will be listed online and updated as often as your teacher uses

Your teacher, when viewing his/her class(es) online, will have all the grades and attendance marks displayed for each student. However, each student entry will be represented only by their name. (In the future, students and parents may be optionally able to display their full name. This will be an opt-in process: students and parents would need to explicitly change their profile.)

Students and Parents logging into My Gradeway will have their class(es) displayed, as well as an extensive report covering all assignments, grades, and subject summaries, along with attendance reports. Additionally, each class has their own Classroom Message Board, which is separate from the Message Boards. Only students and parents in that class, as well as the Teacher, is able to create new message or view the messages.

As you can see, we have taken numerous measures directly aimed at your privacy, and being able to control your own privacy. (For example - if you do not supply a name to your Teacher, there is no way your grades can be sent to While this does require a few extra steps in the overall process of getting signed up and having the features of using Gradeway Online, we feel additional steps are justified as it relates to your decision regarding your privacy.

Lastly, your Teacher may request a Gradeway Online Name form - this is a quick way to give your Teacher your student and parent names, as well as signifying that you agree to have the student classroom data can be sent via Gradeway Online - anonymously, of course!

See also: Gradeway Online FAQ.

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