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Teacher's - Getting Started

Getting started using Gradeway Teacher's Suite and Gradeway Online in your classroom(s) is easy!

First, download the latest version of Gradeway Teacher's Suite.

Next, add your class(es) and student(s). You may add assignments, scores, as well as additional classes and students at any time.

To use the online feature of Gradeway Teacher's Suite, your students (and/or) parents will need to register for a free account. Once either or both have signed up for their account, simply enter their name into their Student Profile - and next time you send your grades online, that students' grades and attendance marks will be sent, too!

When using Gradeway Online, your classroom will be displayed in the My Gradeway section of This includes your student grades and attendance, as well as your private Classroom Message Board.

Special Notes for Teachers:

After you send your grades using the Gradeway Online feature in Gradeway Teacher's Suite, you will be able to see all the students whose grades were submitted. However, unless the specify otherwise, you will not be able to view their names, or any other information within their Student Profile within Gradeway Teacher's Suite. The grades and attendance data is linked only to the student/parent name.

You may also choose to have your students and their parents give you Gradeway Online Name form, which is a simple form stating the basic actions and privacy regarding Gradeway Online, as well as requesting names from the student and parent.


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