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Gradeway for Students

Gradeway is the best, easiest place online for information and help for students! We are always adding new material, products, and services to assist students! Whether you're in need of a lesson that describes how to solve problems in a different way than presented in class, or you have a passion with a topic that isn't covered as fully, we aim to be a helpful resource to students to provide information and direction in numerous areas!

Gradeway for Students

My Gradeway Online
MyGradeway, any student is able to view his or her class scores - graphically and textually. This is just like having an up-to-date report card for the entire class (including multiple classes from multiple teachers) that also lists each assignment! When viewing a class, each assignment is listed individually and is color-coded based on the percent score. For example, above 90% on an assignment (or in a class) will give a solid green color. Scores between 80 and 90% are a yellow-green color, while 70-80% is displayed in yellow, 60-70% in orange, and below 60% is red.

Please view "Getting Started: Gradeway Online for Students and Parents" for more information.

As shown in the graphic to the right, the assignment name is displayed inside of a 3D bar, along with the percent score of that individual assignment, and ratio of points earned and points possible (18/20, for example.)

While this service is completely free, your teacher should be using the free Gradeway Teacher's Suite in order to post grades online. Recommend it to your teacher today!

Another great way to keep in touch with your friends, classmates, and teachers is using Gradeway Messages part of My Gradeway. This works a lot like an Instant Message program, except you don't need to install anything on your computer! Use Gradeway Messages if you want to ask your teacher for help on an assignment, have a classmate proofread a paper, or just chat with friends!


Gradeway Lessons and Tutorials
Covering many topics in the four biggest areas, Mathematics, Literature, Writing, and Science, you are sure to find a lesson or tutorial that fills gaps in your understanding - or lets you delve further into topics of your personal interest! These Lessons and Tutorials are written by Gradeway staff, Numerous Teachers, and Professionals in the topic of the tutorial. If you do not find a topic that covers just what you are looking for - let us know and we will get one created as soon as we can!

Since more topics are added continually, be sure to check back often to help tackle an assignment or study for your next test!

Gradeway Message Boards
Using the Gradeway Message Boards allows you to communicate and share ideas with many people that may or may not be in your school - or your state! While the Gradeway Messages (of My Gradeway) provide great one-to-one communication, the Message Boards provides an opportunity to discuss school related topics, assignments, or just casually chat about just about anything - with many people!

By using the Message Boards, you can gather various unique viewpoints, suggestions on assignments, and have topics explained to you differently, since everyone understands things a little bit differently from one another! Since you pick the subjects and topics, they are endless! With many students, teachers, and peers contributing, the possibilities for ideas are equally as endless!

Students are also invited and encouraged to take part in other areas of the site, such as Gradeway Today, the Gradeway Thoughts of Interest (available from the main site, and others!

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