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End of life-cycle.
Thank you for using Gradeway Teacher's Suite! While Gradeway is, and always has been run by a small group of volunteer, economic conditions have made us change some of our plans. We waited, probably too long, to pull the plug on a few features:
First, the next version of Gradeway Teacher's Suite is postponed indefinitely. We have a lot of progress made, but too few resources to release them as-is.
Second, Gradeway Online (classes online, and ability to synch grades) is ending.

In the future, we hope to continue adding new features and supporting new devices and operating systems. In order for this to happen, we hope the people of the world stand united and firm in their beliefs for the future.

Thanks for being part of Gradeway, and if you're still using an old version of Windows, your software will continue to work as it always has - except the online grades.



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